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Are you in the market for a new furnace for your home?

There are a ton of options out there in terms of furnace types, brands and even HVAC contractors making all sorts of promises.

It may be overwhelming and confusing, and we don’t blame you. For someone that is not an expert in the HVAC field, how do you know what to look for?

Instead of jumping into buying something , we want to take a different approach with you.

At NT Home Service we believe HVAC contractors should EDUCATE FIRST.

Before even discussing new furnaces and installing one for your home, one of our HVAC contracts will walk you through, step-by-step education process.

You will know exactly:

✅ What the major difference are between furnaces
✅ Available rebates from the Government and gas companies
✅ What AFUE means and why it is SO IMPORTANT in your decision
✅ What the exact timeline and costs will be and what you should expect

And did we mention…we do this all, FOR FREE!

Educating first has been our approach for over 25 years, which is why NT Home Service has become a household name in Scarborough, ON.

Armed with this kind of information, you will be much-more equipped for purchasing a new furnace for your home.

From there, we will conduct a free in-home assessment to get a better understanding of your needs. That way we can properly walk you through various options for new furnace and the amount of money you could save on your home energy bills.

Did You Know That Installing A New Furnace Can Reduce Bills By Up To $2000 a Year?

On-top of that, the Government of Ontario, Enbridge and Union Gas all offer some very nice rebates (up to $2000) that we will handle for you!

Not to mention that we offer nice discounts ourselves to residents in Scarborough, ON. (when you call, ask about it)

So before you make any sort of buying decision, by working with NT Home Service, you will…

  1. Be fully educated on the new furnace installation process
  2. Have a full in-home assessment done
  3. Completed all available rebate application

Let’s start the process today, we would love to hear from you. Please call us now at 647-560-9192 and a customer service representative will have you set up.