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Speak with your participating contractor about where insulation will have the most impact in your home.

Attic: Air seal around your attic hatch, plumbing vent stack and any recessed lights. Then add insulation over ceiling joints.

Basement: Seal around your dryer vent and outdoor faucet first. Next, add batts or rigid boards and spray foam to help reduce condensation.

Get to know insulation types

Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation:

  1. The most common and widely used insulation for building envelopes
  2. Made from fiberglass, rock wool or natural fibres

Loose Insulation

Blown-in or loose-fill:

  1. Ideal for attics and other hard-to-reach places or for filling cavities
  2. Made from fibreglass or cellulose (recycled paper)
Board Insulation

Rigid board:

  1. Typically a rigid foam used in walls, roofs and foundations

If You Call Us, Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Receive $1/ft2 up to $1,500 for upgrading your attic insulation.
  • Receive $2/ft2 up to $1,900 when you update your basement insulation.